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Crysalis Therapy Clinic provides counselling and therapy in Brighton

Counselling and therapy in Brighton

You’re not alone. All of us, at some point, need help to cope with problems that feel overwhelmingly difficult.

It could be a relationship, bereavement or loss, depression, a constant feeling of anxiety… Sometimes, we haven’t a clue what’s wrong. We just feel stuck, unable to change the channel.

Flexible counselling for a range of issues

Our counsellor provides a safe, protected space where you can talk. We’ll help you find out what’s gone wrong and then, together, we’ll develop everyday tools for regaining control over your life.  If you’re ready to get in touch, you can do so here. You will be welcomed with respect.

Does any of this sound familiar?


I feel isolated, unable to explain how I’m feeling to anyone


I’m grieving, and it seems to be never-ending


I feel numb. I can’t sleep, focus or concentrate on anything


I’m going through a traumatic life change and feel unable to cope


I keep comparing myself unfavourably to other people. Why can’t I just accept myself? 


I feel exhausted all the time. I want more energy


My self-esteem is on the floor. I want to feel more confident

If any of this sounds like you, counselling may be helpful. If you feel ready, you can get in touch here

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